a true new zealand story


nz storyEstablished in 2006 Urban Furniture creates New Zealand’s finest range of contemporary furniture.  Designed by Brad Mawson who has been producing furniture for the past fourteen years, we manufacture in our Christchurch plant, a range of high quality, contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture, amongst which include lounge suites, dining tables, sideboards and bedroom furniture.

We pride ourselves on making “Kiwi furniture for New Zealand homes, by local craftsman”, that is to say Urban Furniture is designed and manufactured by New Zealanders for New Zealanders. 

Being designed and manufactured locally enables us to offer consumers, for little extra charge, the ability for designs to be altered to fit their homes if necessary.  As Brad Mawson says “no going to Timbuktu or Beijing for the answer”, Urban Furniture can change computer programmes to tailor furniture to meet unique customer needs.

At Urban Furniture we are passionate about the leading designs we create, we believe we can make furniture better than the rest of the world and we strive to prove this every time we make a piece of furniture.

For further information please contact:

Brad Mawson